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Provix provides animated Explainer videos for every step of your buyer’s journey. This also means creating engaging sales videos to visually nail your sales pitch every time. Need to add value to your content marketing strategy? An explainer video with the right mix of visuals and narration will skyrocket your brand and message like no other piece of content can. Deliver the perfect pitch every time and close the deal. Whether the goal is more sign ups to your email list, free trials, demo requests, or actual sales — sales videos will get you there.


The Process is Explained in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Uncovery

We’ll stop at nothing to reach a deep understanding of your company’s goals, objectives, and Core Message. We’ll have you fill out our video needs assessment and schedule a start off Call with you and your team. From there, we’ll immerse ourselves in your public-facing media, your internal assets, sales pitch… anything we can get our hands on to help us become your brand experts. By becoming students of your brand and target audience, we can help you see your blind spots, develop best message for your brand, product and company, and tell a better story to your customers and clients.


Step 2: Scripting

Now that we have a deep understanding of what you do, let’s turn it into a creative, engaging script that hits your target audience where it counts. We’ve got the know-how and experience to tell stories that stick, but we’ll tailor our writing to your brand’s unique insights. This script is your unique value… in 60-90 seconds! By telling your best story, we’re building the foundation for a great video.


Step 3: Storyboarding and Design

After developing your brand message, we’ll craft storyboards, style frames, and design boards based on your brand’s unique style and tone. We take the time to build up your video’s skeleton to ensure that we design the perfect images to uphold your message. This is where a lot of production houses cut corners – but it’s so important to ensure your video is exactly right and suits your brand and company!


We’re committed to quality and collaboration. This step is a big differentiator from many of our competitors, but we want our clients to stay in the creative process from beginning to end

Our process is always driven by making the video creation journey as seamless as possible. We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve developed our Hustle-Free process. We’ll work with your organization to learn your brand and business objectives. Then, carefully construct a message that tells your story using all the right words. It’s then that we craft beautiful visuals that catch the eye of anyone that watches. Don’t take our word for it. Learn more about our many areas and industries of

video production, and you’ll see that the outcomes speak for themselves. We’d love to be your explainer video partner and help you create exciting, engaging content for your business.


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